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13 Years of Experience

Dr. Jyoti Girotra Gandhi

Dr Jyoti Girotra Gandhi is a very enthusiastic and a dedicated doctor with over 13 years of experience in Ayurveda and Healthcare Management. She has worked in India as well in Canada. She has been a speaker at various international seminars, conferences, and webinars. She is an active member of national and international associations. She has received Award of Honour from various renowned organizations.

Dr Jyoti Gandhi is a Health coach and a trainer. She carries out workshops to raise awareness on many diseases and their Ayurvedic treatment. She believes in giving back to the society and runs special OPD for weaker sections of the society. She keeps arranging free camps for underprivileged sections of the society. She is known for her friendly and humble attitude amongst her patients.

Jyoti Ayur Clinic Cure And Care With Ayurveda

Jyoti Ayur Clinic is a dedicated clinic which offers classical Ayurvedic treatments, therapies, and consultations to individuals seeking holistic health and wellness solutions. The vision of clinic is to make Ayurveda reach every home at a reasonable price. There are many treatments available for controlling the diseases but no one directs efforts towards curing them. Ayurveda is not only for treating the diseases but preventing them too. The clinic has been serving the society from past six years and many diet and lifestyle disorders have been corrected here. We give consultations based on patient’s Prakriti and Vikriti. Certain herbal medicines, formulations, decoctions, oils are dispensed too. Guidance on dietary choices and lifestyle modifications are also advocated here. Panchkarma is a significant part of our clinic. Our main area of expertise lies in pain management. Ayurvedic treatments can bring down the pain considerably in various disorders. Jyoti Ayur Clinic has changed thousands of lives with their

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