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Swarnaprashan (Ayurvedic Immunization) is done at the clinic every Pushpa Nakshatra to enhance the immunity, help children fight against allergy problems and improve their memory, vision and overall growth. Children with tonsilitis, adenoids, nasal polyps, recurrent cold and cough, ADHD, Autism, Bed wetting, Cerebral Palsy are treated here. The parents of children getting Swarnaprashan drops at the clinic keep thanking the doctor for the wonderful work.

Allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, recurrent fevers among children have been treated with Swarnaprashan. Remarkable improvements are seen within first 3-4 doses of the medicine. The digestion is enhanced and it helps improve weight of the child. Many children found these days are hyperactive. Swarnaprashan reduces hyperactivity to a great extent. It also works as a great brain tonic as it has medicines like vacha, brahmi ghrit.

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