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Our Treatment

All it takes to understand the Prakriti and Vikriti of a person is good Nadi Pariksha. Dr Jyoti has hands on experience in Nadi Pariksha which makes the diagnosis clear as per Ayurveda.

Nadi or your pulse is the mirror of your health. It holds valuable information about your physical and mental well being. Nadi Pariksha not only talks about your vikriti i.e disease you are suffering from but about Prakriti as well i.e what your body constitution is. The rhythm, speed, strength and other subtle characteristics show us which dosha is aggravated and accordingly the treatment plan is prepared. If you are interested in getting your Nadi Pariksha done and knowing more about your Prakriti you can walk in the clinic. You will be guided for diet and lifestyle you should follow according to your Prakriti and Vikriti.

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