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Our Treatment

Rasayan Chikitsa is a vital branch of Ayurveda. Rasayan means regeneration of the tissues in our body. With age, degeneration is bound to happen but there are cases when degeneration starts early and it demands treatment. Rasayan Chikitsa is done here at the clinic in degenerative disorders like Arthritis, Hairfall, Premature greying of hair, Skin care etc.

These treatments aim at rejuvenation, revitalization and enhancing the longevity. These treatments slow down aging or you could say slow down the degeneration process happening in the body. It includes dietary modifications, lifestyle practices, various yogasanas, ayurvedic medicines and detoxification done at the clinic. This treatment is individualized and specific approach for a specific person is used. You should visit the clinic if you want rejuvenation treatments for your body.

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