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Our Treatment

Due to sedentary lifestyle and dry foods that we take, joint pain and disc pain are becoming very common amongst younger generations. Ayurveda aims at bringing down the aggravated Vaata in the body with medicines and Panchkarma. There are fruitful results in Arthritis and disc related problems.

No big a surprise if a 35-year-old lady walks in our clinic with early cartilage degeneration. The diet and lifestyle play an important role in maintaining bone and joints health. We do janu basti, kati basti, prishtha basti, potli massage, snehan, swedan, basti which go a long way in not only maintaining health of the joints but treating them. Cervical pain, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, disc bulge, nerve compression is addressed with the treatment through oral medicines and panchkarma procedures. These procedures do not take much time to show improvements.

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