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Back Pain

Do you know that back pain is the second most common ailment in our country after headache?

At times do you feel that you are 25 but your back is 75?

Have you tried multiple treatments for backpain, but nothing seems to work?

Back pain can be very disturbing and annoying at some days. You cannot treat it within minutes, but I am sure, you can bring down the pain and get relief within 10 minutes. Sounds unbelievable?

No, it is not!

Which position you should sit in if you have backache?

If you have back pain while sitting in a position for long time, then just lie down and elevate your legs on a cushion or pillow for a few minutes and the pain will start declining.

While you are in an office setup where you cannot lie down then, just do gentle exercise. For which get up from your seat and do simple stretches. For this, stand upright make sure you are standing close to a stable surface so that you can take its support if needed. Position your feet in a way they are hips width apart.

Now place your hands on the lower back or your hips with fingertips pointing downward. Slowly bend backwards at the waist as far as you can comfortably bend and keep your knees straight. Just hold this position for 4-5 second. Repeat it 10 times and then you can resume work. It is a good stretch to relieve the muscle tension built in the back.

Quick technique for backpain relief

For quick relief if you want, you should go for hot and cold therapy together. What you can do is apply a heating pad or a warm towel to the painful back for 10 minutes. Alternative use an ice pack wrapped in a cloth or ice gel pack. It can immediately relax tight muscles.

This technique is for quick relief or temporary relief. If you experience chronic back pain, it is necessary that it has to be investigated.

How does massage help in backpain?

The best treatment for back pain is of course gentle massage. There are ayurvedic oils available in the market like Mahanarayan tail, Mahavishgarbha tail, Bala Ashwagandha tail which can give you prompt and permanent relief from back pain. Massage helps to relieve tension from the muscles and reduces stiffness.

Kati Basti for Backpain

In Ayurveda, there is a procedure called Kati Basti where warm oil is placed over your back for a while. The oil on the back exerts pressure and if there is nerve compression due to disc problems, that can also be treated. For this, you may visit our Ayurvedic center.

Kati Basti is the best treatment for Sciatica. In sciatica, low back pain travels to one of the lower limbs through pain over back side of the thigh and hips. This procedure named Kati Basti also helps strengthening the back area. It increases the blood circulation in that area, relaxes the muscles and relieves the pain. This therapy is the best therapy for muscle spasms, lower back tightness and stiffness. It is an effective therapy for coccyx pain or tail bone pain.

With small lifestyle changes, back pain can be handled, and care can be taken that it does not worsen. It is never too late and never too difficult.

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