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Have you heard of Swarnaprashan?

Do you have to hide from your child to drink cold drink in a party just because his eyes should not fall on the glass?

Do you tell your child before he leaves for a birthday party of his friend next door, that “do not eat tomato ketchup there or else you will get a sore throat”?

Does it break you when an ice cream wallah is ringing the bell out in the street and your child is looking at it from the balcony of the house? You do not know how to say No to him again today.

Do you dread when winters are around the corner? Because this a season when your child will be up all night due to coughing and nose blockage

Children are exposed to so many things, objects, people. They will touch n number of things on way but wash hands only once or twice. We cannot stop microbes entering their bodies, but we can make sure the immune system of the child is strong enough to defend itself. So how do you do it?

What is swarnaprashan?

Swarnaprashan or Suvarnaprashan can not only make the immune system strong but help in child’s overall physical and mental development. Swarnaprashan doesn’t have gold metal in it, but gold bhasma which is made after many procedures on gold. Today, IITs are trying to unravel the benefits of nano gold particles. A sample of Swarna prashan was sent to IIT Delhi and they studied it under electron microscope. They were surprised because the particles were even smaller than nano particles that they could not be seen on electron microscope. So, it is the Swarna bhasma only that can penetrate into the deepest and the smallest cell of the body. 

When to get swarnaprashan done?

Studies suggest that it has radical scavenging activity and immune modulatory function. It strengthens all five sensory organs. It enhances the cognitive functions of the brain and reduces hyperactivity in children. So, you can get your child administered with this medicine even if he has good immunity. Usually, it is administered every Pushya Nakshatra of the month but in some cases, it can be given daily. Do consult an Ayurveda physician for this because what is important here is quality of the Swarna bhasma.

Why is immune system important?

Immunity not only helps in preventing diseases but helps in fast recovery during onslaught of disease. This we witnessed during Covid that immune compromised people took time to recover from the virus. So, if your child is falling ill recurrently, has recurrent episodes of cold and cough, has poor digestion, has constipation like problems, poor weight gain issues then Swarnaprashan can bring remarkable improvement in all the symptoms.

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