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Our Treatment

The family remains healthy if the woman of the family is healthy. At Jyoti Ayur clinic, Women Health is given prime importance. Women at different stages of their lives experience Hormonal Imbalance which is very well taken care of here. All types of menstruation related troubles, menopause related problems, leucorrhoea, PCOD are being successfully treated here at the clinic.

PCOD is becoming very common amongst young girls. Ayurveda has an effective treatment plan for it. Scanty menses is becoming more and more common these days to metabolic disorders, hypothyroidism, stress which is often sidelined. It should be treated as menstruation marks shedding out of the old. Panchkarma procedures are also carried out for patients of infertility. The cleansing of uterus happens with Panchkarma and the probability of conceiving naturally thereafter increases manifold.

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