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Every one in five women suffer from PCOD. It is not that young girls suffer from it; I have seen so many women bearing children at the age of 30-35 also suffer from PCOD. PCOD can cause menstrual irregularities, most of the times women experience delayed periods or skipped periods in PCOD but also the bleeding is scanty. However, it is manageable if one stays disciplined with diet and lifestyle. You should suspect that you have PCOD, if there is sudden weight gain, you are getting acne over face, your skin is turning oily, you start getting facial hair especially over chin, your hair on the scalp starts reducing and you have scanty menses or missed periods.

Home remedies for PCOD

One simple remedy you can follow is Krishna tila kwath (decoction of black sesame) with jaggery and there are good number of studies on that. It is mentioned in BhavPrakash Nighantu. Take 3 gms of black sesame and boil in one glass water till the water remains ¼ of it. Strain it add jaggery to it and then have it. Jaggery will reduce the bitterness of sesame and it will increase the emmenagogue effect i.e it will induce periods.

In Kashyap Samhita, there is entire chapter on Shatpushpa, it is called sowa in hindi. Its powder can be used as an effective solution for PCOD and scanty menses.

Spices that can be added to food- Cumin seeds, Hing, Ajwain, coriander, sesame seeds, dry ginger powder should be added to the food. They are gentle on stomach improve the menstrual flow.

Few Yogasana are very effective for PCOD and scanty menstruation. Dhanurasan, Bhujangasana, Paschimottanasan, Malasana, improve the blood circulation of the body.

What diet should be taken for PCOD?

The first golden rule to do is to avoid eating cheese, deep fried, oily foods- Such foods increase Kapha and Pitta and they block the Strotas i.e channels of the body and can obstruct the flow of menstruation. A study was carried out on school girls which showed that the girls who consumed more of fatty, sweet, fast foods had more of menstrual distress. If you are used it and cannot resist your cravings, then always follow 80-20 formula. What’s that: If 80% of the times you are eating healthy, home food then you can allow 20%of the times to eat outside food. This sounds simple to follow

Eat only warm, light food- You should avoid eating refrigerated foods and reheated foods during menstrual cycle. Hot and freshly prepared food balances all the doshas in the body and kindles the Agni in the stomach like green gram, moong dal, barley

Can you take ghee during menstrual cycle?

Small quantities of ghee should be added to your food because ghee is satvik in nature it helps in mood swings, depression, fear, anxiety during the cycle. It also helps in maintain Apaan vayu in the downward direction.

Lifestyle changes to treat PCOD

Keep eating small frequent meals during menstruation- A patient at Jyoti Ayurc Clinic, a 20-year girl had severe menstrual pain every month. She would fall on the floor lying unconscious every time she menstruated. She would not eat anything during her periods because she would vomit it up. Apaan Vayu is a type of Vayu in the body that helps easy downward movement of menstrual flow.

With medicines, we balanced her Apaan Vayu so now she had less pain and less cramps. we advised her to take small meals frequently in absence of which earlier, Vayu was getting aggravated and causing her more pain. So, keep taking fluids or light diet frequently which will pacify Vata. Ayurveda has the best treatment for PCOD.

Take rest during menstruation- This is a very important aspect in modern times. During menstrual cycles, women keep running the stairs in the offices, running on metro stations catching trains, standing all day long in kitchen. This is one reason why in earlier days they were advised to stay away for the work so that they receive proper rest.

Menstrual days are not favorite for anyone. It entails pain, fluctuating emotions, emotional upsurge, tender breasts but its purpose is to cleanse the toxins of the body. Menstruation is an opportunity to shed out the old and start over new. To wish to be well is part of becoming well so better start wishing it from today.

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